recent: German Chancellor Mrs Merkel visiting the PV-Port installed on top of the Metrostation Dwarka Sector-21


The total installed capacity of rooftop power plants in India is estimated at 2000 MW (early 2019). The contribution from the residential segment is very small (<25%). To achieve India's 40 GW target until 2022, over 8 GW have to be installed yearly for the next five years. Such a large capacity increase is only possible when photovoltaic systems are installed as part of a mass movement - essentially by residential consumers.

The current net metering based mechanism is quite cumbersome, because it involves several steps of bureaucratic approval and application.
This makes it difficult for households to install a photovoltaic system.

To address the challenges involved with custom-design rooftop solar power plants, GIZ proposed the concept of a new type of rooftop solar power plant called “PV Port + Store”.
The "PV Port" is a standardized plug-n-play + grid-interactive photovoltaic system with battery storage, designed for 100% self-consumption.


In October 2018 Simply Solar won the tender to optimize the design of the GIZ's PV-Port concept.


Our solution: 

After less than 4 months developing time, Simply Solar delivered its two optimized PV Port & Store prototypes in April 2019 and they were successfully approved by the GIZ.

Our prototypes deliver 2kW peak power and have a storage capacity of  2-4 KWh ,using LiFePO4 storage (optionally lead batteries can be used).
To achieve high performance in tropical conditions the electronics and the batteries are cooled.

Design Parameters: 

•Withstand 200 km/h wind (cyclones) without fixed connection to the house terrace
•Low cost
•Easy to transport
•Easy to install
•Safety compliance similar to German Standards
•Appealing design
•Watertight roof
•Efficient electronics


Key characteristics:

Grid Interaction: the PV Port is synchronized (having grid forming capability) with the grid but is not feeding into it. The harvested solar energy is used for 100% self-consumption. The operation of the PV Port is in parallel to the public grid, it also functions in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) mode.

Plug-n-play: The PV-Port AC output is directly plugged into a socket at household circuit level.Together with our electronic solution this allows the homeowner to install and connect the PV-Port by himself. For any questions a technical support line will be established.
Installation may take as little as 3 hours.

No permission or approval by the authorities is required!

Quality: very reliable PV system, German engineering

Low Cost: as a standardized product, the PV Port is planned to be produced in large quantities, lowering the costs significantly
by benefitting from economies of scale.


Watch the videos by GiZ:


The official product presentation took place at the RenewX solar Expo in Hyderabad on 26th of April 2019, with Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller representing Simply Solar. Our concept has generated a lot of interest.
Until End of May 2019 the PV-Port was shown at GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) Headquarters in Hyderabad.
After that it is installed in Delhi.

pv port 3


pv port 2


pv port 1

The "PV-Port": a mulitfunctional plug and play photovoltaic solution for individual households.
Easy installation, on any roof top or on ground.

pv port 4


Hindu Newspaper, Main Edition 3rd May 2019:

pv port news

improved pv port 3

Inauguration of the improved PV-Port version at Renewex fair in Delhi, September 2019

improved pv port 2


German cancelor Angela Merkel visited India beginning of November 2019 and got introduced to the PV-Port.
news coverage: FAZ, ZDF

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