Simply Solar is developing a unique automatic tracking system for the 60m² Scheffler Reflectors. 800 fully automatic reflectors will be used to provide steam at INDIA ONE. Dr H.C.Müller is leading the R&D on tracking.
Wolfgang Scheffler and Heike Hoedt are consultants to INDIA ONE since the beginning of the project in 2007. Focus is on upscaling of the reflector and adaptation of the storage technology based on our earlier work with solid storage for steam generation.



The German NGO Solare Brücke e.V. is promoting appropriate solar technologies since 1992. One mayor focus has been the facilitation of  application  and manufacturing  of Scheffler Reflectors in  southern countries. Since 1996 the associations work is mainly based on the dedication of Wolfgang Scheffler and Heike Hoedt.
A lot of information and many construction manuals are freely available at