Custom Designed Solar Dryers 


  • suits your drying capacity
  • roof-top collectors or ground installation
  • easily accesable drying chamber
  • controlled airflow


Project Design services - Modeling

  • to scale model of Scheffler Reflector arrays
  • daily rotation and seasonal inclination of each reflector
  • exact latitude
  • ideal for presentations, layout simulations and shadow simulation


Project Design Services - Grid Layout Optimisation

  • shadow modeling for Scheffler Reflector arrays according to your specific parameters:
  • latitude
  • site parameters (available space, surounding buildings, etc.)
  • reflector size
  • optimisation of the grid layout through including further parameters like:
    • daily and seasonal load curves of your clients application
    • climatic conditions
  • matching your clients requirements to the maximum


Project Design Services - Thermal Storage options

storing energy in form of heat can be the solution to maximize the use of solar energy for your application 

  • comparison of energy providing solar technologies with respect to your energy requirement, user pattern and climatic conditions and site parameters (available space, surounding buildings, etc.)
  • sizing of solar plant and storage options
  • hybrid solutions (thermal/pv/biomass/conventional)