Simply Solar has developed an innovative, fully automatic tracking solution for Scheffler Reflectors. The IMATRACK handles daily and seasonal tracking and optimizes the focal point by controlling the shape of the reflector with the help of decentralized image processing. It works autarkic but can optionally also be connected to a network via WLAN for a centralized plant control.

The graphic display in the control room gives an overview of the reflector field and shows the tracking status of each Scheffler Reflector in detail. A manual override function allows the operator to control each dish actuator directly, turning or defocusing the reflector from the control room, e.g. in case of maintenance needs. The integrated camera gives direct optical feedback of the focus movement.

The solar power plant INDIA ONE is using IMATRACK Power to constantly optimize its 770 Scheffler Reflectors of 60m² size and to maximize the thermal output.

imatrack on central screen

The operator can select any reflector for a detailed view of operational parameters, dish settings and manual controls. The above photo shows the complete field overview of 770 dishes with details of one dish in the foreground. It shows the current focus image, the angle of rotation and inclination and the momentary state of the actuators. The overview of the field highlights malfunctions (e.g. failure of motors) and helps to identify the type of malfunction from the control room.

imatrack mounting

The Imatrack Power is mounted centrally on the dish. It monitors the focal point and controls the actuators based on the results of the image processing.

India One complete