Comoros the Nr.1 worldwide in distillation of Ylang-Ylang. Traditional distillation used wood as fuel, but this resource is very limited on the tropical islands with growing population.
For our partner 2 Mains Comoros we developed a concept of solar distillation for Ylang-Ylang.
Steam for the distillation is generated by Photovoltaic panels. The back-up for the solar power supply is a very efficient biobriquette burner implementing improved combustion. 2Mains is engaging in the production of bio-briquettes from organic waste in a project improving wastemanagement on the islands of Comoros. The bio-briquettes are planned to replace wood for distillation. Our improved biomass burner can handle bio-briquettes as well as wood and coconut waste. Compared to traditional burners for distillation on Comoros it uses up to 15 times less wood.
The steam flow  can be set independently of the intensity of the fire. It remains constant throughout distillation. Excellent quality of Ylang-Ylang oil and low consumption of biomass prooves this new concept to be successful.
The smokeless combustion improoves the working environment of the destillers and reduces pollution.
Technology implementation started in December 2015, when a first prototype of a 200ltr distillation unit with bio-briquette burner for steam generation (of 14kW) was installed and tested in  in a renowned distillery on Gran Comore. In May 2017 a second prototype of the burner, with improved handling and simplyfied geometry was installed for testing.
With feedback from the distillers it was decided to scale the distillation unit to a capacity of 600ltr volume. The upscaled burner of 34kW is to be installed by the end of 2017.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang-Ylang flowers, the raw-material for distillation

energetically improved distillation

200ltr distillation unit with smokeless bio-briquette burner

biobriquette burner 1
The right amount of air and correct ratio between primary
and secondary combustion guarantee an energy efficient
and smokeless fire

In a further project phase the complete concept of solar distillation will be implemented.